Whenever we want to download apps we just check out the common apps that are available and pay and download them. There are certain apps which are free and you don’t have to spend a penny to to get your favourite apps on your android device. You would be wondering will you ever get anything free in the world, well may be some things. In this case the apps they may not be identical to the store bought ones but similar in nature. The developer would have put in the same amount of effort to get the app across to for free and if you use it, it wouldn’t be much of complain. It may take time for you to search in the maze of apps the free ones but if you put in the search filters right you will definitely find many such free apps that will help you to cut cost and get your app free. This is where 9apps comes into picture.

The benefits of downloading 9 apps

You definitely understand why it is good if you as it saves a lot of money as you don’t have to pay for the apps you have downloaded.

These are all tested for virus, malware etc before the user uploads it onto his/her device. So you need not be apprehensive of the security measure employed.  9apps is very safe and you will not be put in quandary of cursing yourself later of buying free apps.

There aren’t a lot forms to fill up and signing up time and again confirming you each time a page is opened. After the sheer amount of going through their terms and conditions which you eventually won’t read as you are in a hurry to just get the app loaded get your work done that you signup and anyway and press the continue button and wait patiently till your app is loaded which is a lot of time wasted. This need not be so, you heard it right in the free app you just choose your app download it and use it, as easy as that.

Now you need not format your android space for all the apps you download by using this free apps service, it takes up very little space of your disk, which will enable you to use the free storage space for other stuff.

There are so many apps that are free that you will be surprised why this didn’t come to your notice in the first place. And you get daily recommendations of newer features for the existing apps or the upgraded versions of your apps or newer apps that you may want to download from you free App Store.

These apps can be downloaded at high speed and they can be transferred to other device from your android phone.

The app provides for a cleaner interface to the user and preference of choosing the best apps of your choice at your finger tips at the fastest internet speed.