Buy the BNW acoustics SR-44 series online

The BNW acoustics series is known for bringing the exceptional quality of sound to car, home and wherever you install them. all of these speakers get handled with high power and with ease, that is known for delivering the amazing details, which you probably never ever had earlier even with the favorite tracks. Similarly, they can be best used as the home theatre which acts as the audio or video equipment set up in home and tries duplicating the experience of movie theatre. The concept of these speakers or home theater has been applied and it keeps on varying widely.

Many of the customers around are also intimidated by term “speaker” or “home theatre” as they all think that these things means as great money, equipment or cables that run all over place. At complex situations, one can even have custom built home theaters in the form of BNW acoustics SR-44. These systems also feature strong 6-1/2” of copolymer woofers which deliver bass beat easily. The system of heat sink cooling also ensures motor assembly that it doesn’t get over heated, no matter how hard or long you push. The powerful yet small neodymium magnet keeps mounting depth shallow so that one can fit the SR speaker in different vehicles.


The mounting options in these BNW acoustics SR-44 includes different ring adapters, making them easier enough in putting speakers in few more locations, along with the grilles that adds on stylish touch to custom installation. The different dome tweeter disperses high notes in wide pattern especially and everyone hears the natural music of sounds, no matter where they sit. The 1” tweeter can also be either surface or even flush mounted for matching the installation preference. The external crossovers with three level control of tweeter ensure that woofer and tweeter mesh together in perfect way for smooth response.

The component system of BNW acoustics SR-44 also includes two woofers, two crossovers, two tweeters. It holds the dome tweeter with the angle and flushes mounting options. It includes the external detachable crossover with the bi-wire and also the bi-amp options. It is also known well for the tweeter attenuation circuits, includes the grilles and much more. You can buy without a second thought as it comes with at least 2 years of warranty. Their technology of multiple driver also offers speakers great ability of more accuracy to recreate sounds which humans around can hear.


The system of multi-driver produces spectrum of frequencies than the additional inferior system of quality sound. The BNW acoustics SR-44 includes state of art technology on complete series of home theatre systems of HD quality. So if you are the one who want a convenient way for listening music away from computer, car, home stereo system and want to hear music which is digitized, then these speakers can be best and they all can create the complete environment of audio around. They also offer good experience of sound.