4 Green Screen Uses in Studios

Oftentimes the studios, rather than using a real background, use the green screens in order to change the background if needed. This type of photography is known as Chroma Key photography. It involves either using a green screen or a blue screen. The process is so common that in the bigger cities where there is the extensive presence of the movie industry, green screens are available for rent as well. You can search for green screens in Los Angeles for rent and you would be able to find plenty of companies renting these out.

5 uses of green screens in studios. 

  1. Proper lighting effect:

Most of the professional photographers like to keep a contrast between the background as well as the subject of the photograph. This is where the green screen is actually useful. Since green is hardly the color which is present on the subject, it stands out starkly against the subject. Due to this very reason, there is no mixing of light and the contrast is pretty clear as well. This helps the photographer to capture the subject accurately without any kind of color distortion.

  1. Adding new background digitally:

These days, with the help of CGI, digital backgrounds are often introduced in the photographs. This can only be made possible when the background is starkly different from the subject itself. In order to do so, a solid color background is often utilized by the studios. This is where the green screen again is utilized in order to induce a solid color background. Once the solid color background is introduced, it can be easily replaced digitally with the type of background which is needed in the photograph. This would allow the studios to easily decipher the background from the subject digitally which would make it easier for them to replace the background. The background can be replaced by imaginary photos or it can be replaced by other real backgrounds as well. The task of replacing the background becomes easier if there is a solid color in the background.

  1. Superimposing:

Many times, after the subject has been photographed, later on, certain objects are to be superimposed. This technique is often used in the stunt photography. In stunt photography, the animals or the dangerous sequences are often superimposed at a later stage. In order to easily superimpose these objects, it is necessary to have a solid background in the form of the green screen. Later on, the green screen is entirely replaced with the objects which are to be superimposed. This ensures that the photography can be conducted in the studio rather than at the actual location. This also enables the photographers to create imaginary photos which actually seem real.

  1. Eliminating color gradations:

The green screen is also used in photography in order to spread the light evenly across the entire background. The green screen eliminates any kind of color gradations. This ensures that there is single tone across the entire background which helps you in capturing the photos in even light.

  1. Reduces cost of photography:

The need of going to the actual location in order to photograph the subject is eliminated when you are using a green screen. Once, the photograph is captured with the green screen, the green screen can be replaced with the picture of the actual background. This would significantly cut down on the budget which you need to conduct the photographic session.

So, these are the main uses of the green screen due to which, it has become a pretty popular photographic aid in most of the studios. Even wedding photographers, as well as personal photographers, have started using green screens to capture the photos in a much more professional way. If you’re planning on using the green screen as well, you have to just look up green screens in Los Angeles for rent on the search engines and you would be able to surely find some companies which rent out the green screens.