When you own a retail business it’s priority number one to get as many customers through your front door as possible. Attracting customers can be accomplished with various methods. However, the simplest is a storefront sign alerting passers-by of your presence. Deciding on the right sign to attract your buyers requires attention to detail and some other factors which we outline below.

You should first start deciding on the perfect sign for your storefront by checking what your zoning regulations are. There’s nothing worse than spending a large chunk of change on a sign that you are not authorized to use at your business front. It’s always a good first step to check the width, height, color, materials, display, and font size requirements that are outlined by your local Zoning Commission. These requirements will give you a starting basis for what type of sign and the dimensions you’re authorized to display outside of your store.

Your next step for choosing the ideal sign is setting a budget. There are many lavished signs available for sale, unfortunately, your business may not be able to afford them. Before you even start looking at Diverse Signs sign writing or other sign services we encourage you to set a budget. This will ensure that you are level-headed when you do so and don’t overpay for a sign that you will regret later down the road. With a budget in mind, you will be able to proceed with the following steps.

There are multiple materials that your sign can be made out of. Some of these include fabric, painted plywood, painted glass, punched metal, metal lettering or logos, awning, rock, and glass tube. It’s important to consider the industry of business that you are in. For example, glass tube signs tend to be reserved for restaurants and bars. Rock signs are more popular amongst service businesses as opposed to retailers. Try to find a sign material that fits your industry and your budget.

Once you have an idea of the type of sign you want, it’s time to check on prices at specific retailers. You should take the time to contact at least five different sign providers to get quotes for the sign you are in need of. This will allow you to get a decent range of prices so you know what is a fair value to pay for a specific sign. If possible, you should try to see past products of the sign producers in person to verify what their quality of work is. Just because a sign producer is much cheaper than other options doesn’t always mean it will be of the same level of quality.

When you are in the market for a new business sign for your store there are important factors you must consider before purchase. You should take the necessary time to properly plan out your sign purchase. By following the considerations above, you can be assured that your sign will fit your budget and your business well.