Why Your Business Should Start Using ACH Processing instead

In modern times, the cost of business operationshas gradually increased, rousing both new and already established companies to explore for new payment methods that can assist in reducing these expenditures. Many merchants are now realizing that they are able to save a substantialquantity of money by getting their customers to make payments through Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH transactions are payments that operate similarly to electronically transferring funds. More businesses are now able to accept ACH payments as they are being assisted by high-risk merchant account providers.

ObtainingFunds Faster

One of the most visible reasons why many merchants are substituting between using traditional payment method to ACH payment processing instead, is due to the faster delivery time and turnover. ACH processing generally takes around 72 hours or less to clear, it is much quicker than the time needed for a paper-check to clear.The conventional and obsolete method of paper-check payment method includes heavy time constraints on several aspects,including having the check transported using a courier and waiting for the bank to process the check, which typically takes around 1 to 2 weeks (considering that there are no human errors or courier delays). Thanks to its faster processing time, ACH payments lets merchants benefit from receiving their payments much sooner.

Efficient for Everyone

It is now standard practice for businesses to treat its customers as kings. In today’s modern digitalized world, where tasks may be completed instantly, customers do not like to deal with complex payment methods when they are purchasing a product or service. Presenting consumers with the monthly responsibility of needing to remember when a payment is due, then writing a paper-check for it as well as mailing the merchant in a timely manner is too troublesome a process.Utilizing ACH transactions as a payment option, makes transactions much more convenient for you customers, this is particularly true for customers who pay for recurring bills such as gym membership, car loansor other subscription based products and services. ACH processing lets customers set up recurring payments, this feature enables them to enjoy an effort less payment arrangement.

Since a greater number of customers have set up recurring payments as their payment option, This as well is highly benificial on the merchant’s end. Using this constant payment structure, the prospect that their clients will stay with them for a longer durationvastly increased, making customer retention rates increase over time. Periodic payments using ACH processing also provide a more consistentin come stream for the merchant, since unlike credit cards, an expiry date is not applicable on a bank account. This ensures that payments will continue until the customer manually stops them.

More Economical than Traditional Payment Methods

A vastly significant feature that makes ACH payment processing the most optimal payment option for merchants, is that it considerably cheaper compared to other conventional payment methods. ACH processors routinely offer their high-risk merchant accounts at a much lower rate than the fees that are charged for using and maintaining a credit card. Compelling customers to utilize ACH payments may possibly produce a sizeable investment for the merchant overtime. The savings amassed may then be used for other important purposes such as, company development, employee incentives or maintaining steady product prices.

Increased Financial Security

The use of ACH payment processing grants customers the benefit of a safer and more convenient transaction experience as the transfer takes place almost instantaneously. This process also doesn’t include any dependence on paper checks that could possiblybe lost or get stolen. On behalf of the merchants, ACH payments also alleviate the necessity of paper trail dependence, allowing them to get paid while reducing the likelihood of losing money due to possible human errors.


Consumers and businesses alike are continuously looking for new ways to modernize and streamline commercial transactions, and ACH payment processing is an ever more appealing payment option for both users. Merchants who are looking to provide this payment option to their customers can contact a high-risk merchant account provider to aquire more information on how to start up.