Extracting B6Z Files on Mac With B6Zip

A .b6z file is a file archive used by Mac users and can be extracted using B6Zip. Similar to other popular archive file formats such as ZIP, RAR, and 7Z, B6Z offers the highest compression level and many modern features such as encrypted metadata. The compression algorithm used by b6z is a form of LZMA2 and Huffman encoding table optimized with machine learning.

When surfing the internet, you may come across b6z files that you have downloaded and must be opened with the B6Zip utility. Sometimes these archives will ask for a password when they are opened. This means that they have been encrypted and the only way to access the files within is to know the secret passphrase. ZIP files can have passwords, but B6Z files take this a step further by not allowing filenames to be seen without first decrypting.

Although B6Zip is designed for the b6z archive format, the app also contains support for all of the other industry leading choices of compression file types. This includes BZ2, XZ, ZIPX, and 37 others. The advantage of using archive file formats is that multiple files including directory structure can be encoded into a single file. This allows large hierarchies of files to be efficiently shared over the internet.

If you find a b6z file and want to extract it, you must first download the B6Zip application from http://b6zip.com. The first time you run the program, you will be able to choose the various file extensions that you would like to associate with B6Zip. Once you have done this, any file ending in one of these extensions will automatically be extracted by B6Zip when it is double clicked on. You can also extract the file by right clicking and selecting from the context menu. By default, files are extracted to the same directory that the archive resides in. A different destination directory can be chosen if desired.