Benefits of Instant Messaging Apps in Workplace

Technological advancements have changed the way you perceive life and the way you communicate with each other. Some consider it to be a boon while for other it’s a bane, ironically, almost everything that has advantages comes with its own disadvantages.

It’s the letters anymore which were used years ago to communicate with each. Today’s generation is gifted with smartphones, which comes with advanced tools that have drastically transformed our lives. Instant messaging applications are one such tool that has helped a lot of people to communicate with others.

Why use an instant messaging application?

There are a lot of instant messaging applications to connect with your friends and family, KIK is one such app which helps you to connect with your kik friends. You might be familiar with the popular instant message apps, like WhatsApp and Messenger. However, KIK doesn’t require your phone number to connect with your friends, while it’s a mandate to provide your phone with WhatsApp.

Instant messaging applications are mandatory tools everyone should have, it helps you connect with your friends and family with much ease than standard text messages. You might be able to much more with instant messaging apps rather than just sending a plain text wishing the boring “happy birthday” text. It might be more interesting to send a personalized video or edited picture on their special day.

How instant messaging apps help employees?

Instant messaging applications have found its place in a lot of workplaces, most employers are happy to allow employees to go for instant messaging apps. The reasons for it might be that its cons are outweighed by its pros, instant messaging applications are effective medium for employees to connect with each other in their workplace.

Instant messaging applications avoids to the hassle of walking all the way to your college to discuss and issue or a doubt. It also helps to reduce the interruption during the work, it helps you to concentrate on your current task rather than stopping the work in between to attend a call.

Most of the customers prefer to have a face-to-face or a one-on-one chat over an instant messaging application which gives them a solution in real time. It helps to connect with the kik friends, colleagues, or senior level employees and provide a resolution to the customer without making them wait for a long time. Your business will eventually develop when your clients are happy with your service.

Presence awareness of every employee

Most instant messaging application provide the availability status of its users, you’ll be aware when your colleagues are available and away from the desk. This might sound like a trivial thing, however, it might mean a lot while in a huge business organization.

Instant messenger plays a vital role in your business growth and turn out to be an effective mode of communication between your employees. Most instant messaging applications might cost you little to nothing to set up in an office environment. It’s recommended that you consider having instant messaging app in your office set up.