5 Reliable Reasons Why You Need Anti Vibration Mounts

Sometimes vibration of machines like generators can travel in an entire room or building and cause irritation and discomfort. If you want to continue with your tasks without disturbing the third party, anti vibration mounts could help you achieve this.

Anti Vibration mounts are responsible for getting rid of vibration in any machinery. They are made from metal and rubber which makes them adaptable to their function.

Anti Vibration mounts can be used in military equipment, industrial machinery, air conditioners, power generators, compressors, automobiles and in medical equipment.

Types of anti vibration mounts


  • Brushing mounts


These are the kinds of mounts made from metal and a bonded rubber of high-quality. They absorb static vibration and incredibly dynamic vibration. Their inner sleeves have large thick rubber compound to get rid of noise and high-frequency vibration.


  • Cylindrical mounts


These mounts cover different types of frequency. They can work well both on active and passive vibrations. They are made from heavy duty natural rubber and stainless steel.


  • Conical mounts


These are mounts that have the latest technology. They can work well where there are extreme vibration and noise. They are mostly used in automobiles like trucks, buses and other construction equipment.


Here are five reasons why you need anti vibration mounts if you have any machinery


  • They reduce potential breakdown of a machine


Anti Vibration mounts reduce noise and vibration of a computer. By doing this, they reduce the impacts of this vibration which might result in the breakdown of the machine. Each anti vibration mount has been designed to suit a particular type of device; hence it won’t affect how it functions.

They can absorb both high-frequency vibration and low-frequency vibration depending on the model. The ones designed for low-frequency vibration work well in electronic industries, food processing industries and textile industries among others.


  • It is easy to install them


As mentioned earlier, anti vibration mounts are made for different machinery. This means that they come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose the right size and design that fits your motor.


  • They come with safety features


With the presence of anti vibration mounts, it would almost be impossible for your machine to get destroyed on worn out easily. These devices came with safety features like fail safe that protects both the device and the mounting. You are also protected from vibration syndrome on your arms and other health issues that might arise from vibration.


  • They reduce noise pollution


The vibration of machines causes a lot of noise which might be harmful to your ears. Anti vibration mounts offer a smooth surface for devices which can save you from the risks associated with noise pollution.


  • They are durable


Most anti vibration mounts are made out of metal plates and heavy-duty rubber. These are durable materials that cannot wear out quickly. They are also suitable for reducing noise and vibration.

Most machinery at your home like an air conditioner would be more efficient if controlled by anti vibration mounts. If you work at a place with much noise from machinery, it’s nice to have this vital equipment. Get in touch with us for specially made anti vibration mounts.