Advantages of hosting VPS in India

When you look for a provider of VPS Hosting in India, you evaluate it on the basis of whether it is offering you complete access to the server and its security levels, the maintenance facilities the provider promises and, of course, whether it suits your budget. First, let us look at the reasons why you would need VPS hosting at different points of your business.

Why you need VPS

You rarely find an organisation nowadays which is serious about its business and doesn’t have a website. In fact, not having an internet presence is a scary thought. How would you find an address, search for your dream home, update your CV regularly? Most of all, how spiked our communication would be without internet? A look around and you find that more than half of our life depends on the internet.

The point is, a website has now become one of the most integral parts of your business. It is your enterprise’s online identity.

Now, you have a website, you build up a strategy to drive traffic to it and anticipate a certain number of visitors. For all this, you need a website that is fast and secure.

This is where the power of a Virtual Private Server comes into play. It provides better security, extra storage, and higher processing power. Besides, it gives you full access and authority over your server. You can run any application any number of times without difficulty. To sweeten the pot, the hosting provider takes care of the physical and server maintenance charges. You own a server without having to make a hole in your pocket. It is like having cheap services with guaranteed security.

This is why you need VPS hosting. India has thousands of new enterprises taking shape everyday which need precisely what the VPS is known for. So, all a business needs to do while looking for VPS provider is to ensure that it offers you the above facilities.

How a set-up of VPS Hosting in India helps

With growing number of businesses in India going online, it is increasingly becoming crucial for hosting providers to establish servers which are based in India. Only then would they be able to serve the need for superfast websites.

The VPS hosting that has servers right here in India takes you closer to your website’s target traffic in the country. It gives your website a speed that is 10 times faster, besides the power of VPS. The latency lowers, your website or application loads faster. Latency means the time a server needs to process a request received from the client. A lowered latency keeps your customers from leaving that eventually helps in increased sales. Even a one-second delay in loading of a web-page can cost an e-commerce website 7% fall in conversion rate. Nearly 40% of any website’s visitors have the tendency to leave if it does not load within 3 seconds. A set-up of VPS hosting in India remarkably reduces the effect latency has on the loading pace of a website or application. By connecting you to a server from India, the provider significantly reduces the distance that your request has to travel; before this, it had to travel all the way to a US-hosted server.

3 reasons for you to get on to VPS

The first and foremost thing is, with a Virtual Private Server, you acquire a powerful server that is flexible and cost-effective. They are much stronger and versatile than Shared hosting, and still not as expensive as Dedicated hosting servers. Take a look at the three ways a VPS hosting — in India, particularly — could be best used.

  1. Owning a website: This is crucial because you can have a complete control only on a website of your own. You may have social media presence, but can you have a control over it? No. Only a website is your own. A simple biography or a portfolio site, a nicely done resume site or a blog are all great uses of a personal domain. Begin your New Year with one of them.
  2. Having a personal cloud: There is a growing need for easy-to-install cloud hosting services. The cloud simply is an application that runs on remote servers. Google can be a good example. We have been already using cloud services by Google or DropBox to date, but if you are a seasoned cloud user, you may go on to create your own private version.
  3. Learning: VPS gives you a versatile as well as an inexpensive way to directly experience what goes into making a website. It is impossible for an average user to learn the nuances of technology, but it is good to have a basic grasp of it in this web-centred world.


Realising the importance of a virtual private server is thus the first step towards the journey of leveraging its best benefits. Now, you have also been introduced to the advantage of connecting with a VPS hosting at India location. Lastly, it doesn’t hurt have a basic tech knowledge of cloud and the versatile VPS.