There are very few things that get gamers worked up as the topic of cheating in a game. While cheating in different forms has been around for as long as there have been games, people tend to have very different takes on whether it’s acceptable. Some people see it as just using all knowledge available in order to win the game; some people see it as unfair methods that back away from taking on the full challenge of the game. For yet others, cheating becomes something they resort to when they feel like they’re well and truly stuck.

But there are all sorts of ways to win a game besides cheats. One way, is of course, mods, which are user-generated ways to change the game. But aside from these, let’s take a look at the difference between three of the most common non-standard game strategies.


Hacks are merely easier ways of doing things. They help ease your progress with a little ease – think of it as taking a shortcut. Many people don’t consider using hacks as cheating, but just as a way of efficient playing. Sometimes people do tend to mistake hacks as cheats. This is a common mistake among amateurs who do not understand the jargon. Read on to understand what cheats are to a gamer.


Cheats are coded directly into the game. The history of it is very interesting –earlier, combinations of button pushes that would unlock cheat modes would be put in the game to let testers to fully test the game without having to actually win every time. These would get leaked to the gaming community over time. Now though, cheats are left in deliberately, as it has become important to the gaming community. The codes are usually available online. Sometimes, a player gets extremely frustrated with losing a difficult level and if they use the cheat, they can advance to the next level. Some retro games had some very interesting cheats installed in the gameplay.


Exploits are, like the name suggests, ways of exploiting bugs or oversights in the game’s design to maximise your advantage. You can use them to boost your resources, or ease gameplay in different ways. They’re usually discovered by players, who then post them online. Usually, people tend to agree that using exploits falls firmly into cheating territory, since they’re methods that are in no way coded into the game itself. An example of this would be the earliest Age of Empires. The game had a rocket launcher character which could be summoned during the “stone-age” period which was very funny to see as this one character could finish the entire game single – handedly.

If you are an ardent fan of gaming and would never resort to hacks, cheats or exploits, you might be one of the most serious gamers of all time! If you are interested in retro games, you can buy used video games online!