Monitor Your MAC Computer with TheOneSpy

MAC computers are one of the most popular machines among the users. In business organizations, MAC devices are very useful because these are fast and contemporary machines. Employers and employees use these computer devices to increase the productivity of their business. On another hand, employees waste their time by using companies owned MAC devices and use different social media apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, Line, Vine and plenty of others alike. However, employers are in search of tracking the activities of employees on the company’s devices. So, is it possible to such a modern-day MAC computers and laptops? Yes, it is! You can monitor the IOS devices with complete efficiency and accuracy. Let’s discuss the way to do surveillance on MAC PC’s.

Monitor MAC computer with TheOneSpy

If you are looking forward to tracking someone’s MAC device, then you should get your hands on the TheOneSpy cell phone and Computer monitoring app. It enables a user to spy on all the activities performed by the target user on the device. The surveillance software is capable of scrutinizing MAC device along with the complete time stamp. An employer can measure the productivity of the business by tracking the performance of employees within working hours. MAC spy program has one of the best traditional features that have the power to view the activities on MAC device with sheer accuracy and efficiency. Let’s discuss the major features of MAC PC tracking software.


The user can get screenshots remotely if the MAC spy app is installed on the target device. You can make screenshots of all the activities happen on the device. Employers can really get help out of screenshot of the MAC surveillance software. They can set time intervals to get the screenshots of activities performed on the target device and each interval allows a user to have the screenshot of the target machine. Install the monitoring software and get access to the dashboard and send command on the target device to get the screenshots of the MAC device screen.

Screen Recording

You can also get screen recording in the shape of short time intervals videos of your MAC desktop/laptop device screen with the time stamp. Therefore, it is very effective tool for parents for parenting point of view and for employers it is the best for business productivity. They should install the monitoring app for MAC on the target device and they will be able to see what is exactly is running on the target device.


It empowers a user to listen and record the surrounding sounds of MAC machine by bugging the MIC of the device. Having MAC spy app installed on the machine, a user can record all the surrounding sounds by sending the command on the target MAC computer/laptop device and get know what is really happening in the surroundings.

Camera Bug

You can view who is up to on your target MAC device by using the camera bug of TheOneSpy MAC spy software. It enables a user to bug the camera of the target device and can capture photos by using the front camera of the device. The user just has to install the TOS camera bug software on the device and know who is using your target device.

Website Blocking

Block all the websites which you think are not appropriate for the target user. Parents can block those websites which are harmful to kids and teens and employers can block all the entertaining websites that are helpful for employees to waste time within the working hours. TOS MAC surveillance app enables a user to block all the apps and websites you want. Put the URL into the filters by using the website blocking of the TheOneSpy MAC tracking app.


Presently TheOneSpy MAC spy program is the ultimate and reliable tool to monitor MAC computer machines.