Tips To Buy The Best Samsung Mobile Phone

With a lot of different types of mobiles available nowadays, choosing the best one among them is a difficult task. To make the best investment, it is required that you understand your requirements and compare smartphones well on various factors technical and non-technical features.


A lot of people purchase Samsung phones due to its high camera quality. This has been the underlying reason behind the craze for Samsung phones. Crystal clear camera quality helps in clicking outstanding and professional level videos, and photos.

Some of its models come with rear camera, while others come with forward as well as rear-facing camera. This makes video chatting and self-portraits quite easy. TataCLiQ is one of the most authentic places to shop for best quality phones from various brands in different features, sizes and shapes.  

Some of the camera features offered by this phone include automatic focus, a large number of pixels to give sharper pictures, underwater mode, and a wide range of filters to create sensational pictures easily.


Memory is of significant value especially for those who want their mobile phones for both personal and official use. The more number of applications a consumer wants to execute, the more will be their memory requirement. These phones come with ample storage space to fulfill the varying needs of a user.

With enhanced memory they can easily download more apps, software programs, save several emails and click pictures without facing any memory issues. Generally, these phones come with a storage space ranging between two GB to 64 GB. This happens with just an addition of an external memory card.


Some users like the versatility that comes with large screens, others choose a standard size cellphone. This popular brand brings to users a wide range of screen sizes to suit the preferences of different consumers. This includes smaller, “3.14 inch” display size to a tablet-sized “5.5 inch” display size.

Consumers who have to work on spreadsheets, watching videos, or have to multitask would definitely need a larger screen. However, a person with average phone usage would find traditional screen size of 4.8 inches to be sufficient for their requirements.

Battery Life

Battery life is a very important consideration when choosing a phone. This phone is rated to be the best phones available that offer extended battery life. Most of these phones provide a battery life of at least fifteen hours of playing music and talk time.

This also saves one from the hassles of charging their phone now and then. A long-lasting battery life will be a big relief for people who travel on a continuous basis or use their phone for longer periods of time.

Ease of operation

Motion gestures, touchscreen keyboard, speakerphone, launching applications using a simple tile, and voice command response, light in weight makes their operation simple.


The effective is your research, the closer it will be to your expectations. To get the best benefit from your purchase, it is important to compare your phone on the above features.