Tips to help designers create an extraordinary idea by Saad Raja

To develop an extraordinary idea, a designer should learn how to differentiate between a good and a bad idea. He should know how to nurture an extraordinary idea. There are a few tips by saad Raja which will help designers to create an extraordinary idea.

1) It should be strong enough to grab attention

Creating a strong idea is the first step of an extraordinary idea. The idea should be strong enough to make you ponder over it again and again. Every person should be attracted towards the idea. It should be communicable enough to grab the attention of people. The trick is to have an idea which will be able to create space for itself in the minds of people.

2) Keep your eyes and ears open

The idea could come at any time, at any place. The key here is to keep your eyes and ears open when searching for an idea. The idea has to be brilliant to stand out from the rest. When thinking of an idea, you can get hints from your surroundings which could serve as the originating thought of the primary idea.

3) Make it communicable

The idea should be able to convey the message properly. An idea becomes extraordinary when it is accepted and understood by people. So, the idea should have the ability to communicate itself. There can be a lot of other factors which can positively influence the primary idea; however, the primary idea itself should be communicable. A designer should work on this tip the most.

4) Check different ideas for flexibility

For an idea to be extraordinary, designers should check the ideas in different sectors to check its flexibility. An idea can be tested to see if it works better in some brochure, an ad, or an application. Testing helps a designer to be better aware of the strengths of his idea and see in which way it will prosper more.

5) Expect the unexpected

It is good to look at the bright side; however, expecting something bad can save you from the pressure, later on. A designer should always be ready for a negative reaction. It helps you to be better prepared and allows you to think of a backup. You should expect the unexpected and should prepare your mind to welcome something awful.