TOP 10 iPhone features you might not know about

1. Take pictures without using the touch screen
You can ask Siri to turn on the camera. To take a photo, simply press the volume button on your smartphone or the volume button on your earphones.
2. Using 3D Touch
If you have an iPhone 6s or a newer model, using 3D Touch can make your life easier and save time. This technology will accelerate the transition between your various applications make typing more convenient and much more. In case your current iPhone does not support 3D Touch, you can click here to check your cell phone value in order to upgrade to iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 in the future.
3. Hard Reset
In those rare cases when the iPhone glitches or you need to free up the device’s RAM, the hard reset will come to rescue. To do this, just hold down the home button and the lock button for 10 seconds.
4. Home button functionality
Go to “Accessibility” in your iPhone settings. Scroll down to the tab called ” Accessibility shortcuts”, and you should see a list of different functions. By pressing the Home button three times, you can start VoiceOver, enable color inversion, which is useful for reading, screen zoom, as well as Switch Control and AssistiveTouch.
To turn on the magnifying glass by pressing the Home button three times, simply select the appropriate function in the “Accessibility Access”.
5. Double-click the Home button sensor
Perhaps all iPhone users know that double clicking on the mechanical Home button opens up the application selection window. However, not everyone knows that a double tap on the sensor button lowers the screen a little bit, allowing users of iPhone 6/7 Plus to easily reach the upper section of the screen.
6. Remapping the volume buttons
The iPhone has two volume settings: the first one is designed for calls and notifications and the second one is used for music and applications. By turning off the “Change with Buttons” function in the audio settings, you will fix the call volume loudness and afterward you will be able to adjust the volume independently for your music and apps.
7. Undo the last action
Simply shake your smartphone, and iOS will prompt you to undo the last action, whether it is something that you typed or pasted.
8. Fast domain entry
In those cases when the keyboard prompts you to enter the .com domain quickly, you can try holding your finger on this button. Before you, you will see a list of popular domains.
9. Removing the microphone icon from the keyboard
The microphone icon between the space bar and the language change button is used for voice input of text. You can remove the icon by moving the “Enable dictation” slider in the inactive position in the keyboard settings.
10. Text playback
IOS supports a function called “Speak Screen”. To enable it, you need to go to “Settings” → “General” → “Accessibility” → “Speak Screen”. For your iPhone to speak the text on the screen, swipe down with two fingers from top to bottom in any application.

We hope you find this article enjoyable you have learned something new about your iPhone. In addition, you might also want to find out about iPhone 6 prices online.