Top 7 Vending Machine Manufacturers

If you are looking for a manufacturer who can deliver you a state of the art vending machine for your business, is here to make things easy for you in this regard. Although we are also the dealers of vending machines we deal only in used and refurbished vending machines and their parts which can save you tonnes of money. But still, if you decided to go for a new one, here are top 10 lists of manufacturers in this regard.

Please keep in mind that this list is only from an information point of view, will not be held liable in any case. You must investigate on your own to make a deal with any of them.

Top 7 Vending Machine Manufacturers by


  1. Alps Innovation Group USA.

According to their website, they are the World’s Leading providers of Custom Automated Retail Kiosks, Self-Service Kiosks, and Automated Retailing Software Systems.

According to a study, “Automated Retail will increase by 16.7% between 2014 and 2020! This segment of retail is expecting to be worth over $275 Billion in recent future.” 

  1. Automated Stores

As they mentioned on their website,”Our mission is to develop an intelligent machine with a human-centered design, we produce machines for leading brands around the world. We are global leaders in innovation, providing unparalleled machine design and customization to our clients.”

Automated Stores has the expertise and knowledge to design high-quality robotic systems along with software development. Besides this all, they are will to sketch new ideas to make exciting products. They also design specific machines according to your order and desire.

  1. AMS: Automated Merchandising Systems Inc.

ASM is a private company that was founded in 1997 for the purposes of manufacturing dependable, state-of-the art vending machine. Their machines are simple but still very convenient, that’s why it is 3rd on list. 

  1. Coffea ™

Coffea ™ is manufacturers of automatic brewing machines, specifical design for coffee and hot beverages.

Technologies Coffea(TM) offers solutions that are customized to the needs of their customers, regardless of the type of beverage they are working on. 

  1. Luca Srl

They are in vending machines business since 1978. Having specialties in the manufacturing of bulk capsule machines, Kinetic machines, in addition to vending products. Luca Srl is basically from Italy.

  1. Royal Vendors

As they claim that they are the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality vending machines! But it is not that false as per their business volume is concerned. They are holding a world-class manufacturing unit in West Virginia where they manufacture a large range of vending equipment. Royal Vendors are rightly on the sixth spot in list.

  1. Seaga Manufacturing Inc.

They are one of the premier providers of top-quality frozen and cold vending machines, change machines and cold merchandisers for a variety of industries, including vending, bottled water, ice cream, soda, and juice. Seaga Manufacturing Inc. is known for its variety in vending machines industry.


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