Top Ten Best PSP Games


It is undeniable that PSP (PlayStation Portable) is the leading handheld game consoles around the world. Manufactured by Sony, this system has progressed to its current features from when it was first released on May 11, 2007. Designed for children and adults alike, there are literally a thousand of PSP games released every year that would cater to and suit any age group. Furthermore, there are several categories that gamers can choose from – adventure, sports, action, etc. And one of the most important inquiries is which PSP game is worth spending for. Below is a rundown of the top ten best PSP games.

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

One of the best PSP games for 2013 is Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 which is the latest edition to this particular game series. Developed by Konami, that assures the comeback of the real core of football combining the modern and realistic demonstration and the traditional intensity found in old school games. PES 2013 combines all of its components in an increased level of precision; it is extremely accessible as it gratifies both newbies and advanced players. After struggling to reach attention on the previous editions, PES 2013 has finally designed reached the game design that the others do not have which is an upfront and straight-up essence of a football game.

  1. NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 is a PSP game developed by Visual Concepts. It is claimed to be one of the most accurate and premium depiction of NBA game that has ever been designed. NBA 2K13’s game play is intense and gripping, and direct enough and easily adjusted to cater to the beginners but also complex enough to challenge the long-time gamers. The control system provides an incredibly massive number of methods to outplay your challenger. Through the mode, “My Career”, the player would be able to check out and be entertained with the progress of the character with its smooth demonstration that was supervised by the rapper Jay-Z.

  1. FIFA Soccer 13

FIFA Soccer veteran players know what they can anticipate from the game, but this latest edition offers so much from games options and modes to the gravities of the presentations and game design – Choosing among worldwide tournaments, FIFA ultimate team, or be a pro that comes with career mode expansion, squad saves, pro club seasons and divisional titles with gamer’s matchmaking options and a cabinet where trophies are displayed to be showcased. The most distinguished edge of the latest edition from the previous ones is its advanced team AI that enables to player to guarantee that strategies and fresh moves won’t be futile.

  1. Final Fantasy IV

One of the most enduring PSP games of all time, Square Enix has once again produced and reissues a compilation, Final Fantasy IV. It is an awesome Final fantasy collection that comes with the original version of the game but equipped with an upgraded 2D artwork. This improved reissue looks even more life-like than the previous 3D remakes and again, one can expect no less than awesome when it comes to its soundtrack. Although Square Enix’s revisions are more on the appearance and cinematic, the gamer can expect an enhancement on the game’s structure and also, they have included an option of “relaxed difficulty” that caters to the newbies.

  1. Tactics Ogre

Originally developed by Quest, Tactics Ogre was released for Japan’s Super Famicom in 1995. Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together is the 2nd edition of the Ogre Battle franchise. The gamers can expect a huge advancement from the first release which is much more similar to a RPG (grand strategy) while the latest edition is isometric squad-based tactical game that is more intimate that the previous one. It comes with a great storyline that has rich content, well written and offers a taste of an old world. The subheading, “Let us Cling Together” was inspired by the Queen track, TeoToriatte (Let us Cling Together) from the album “A Day at the Races”.

  1. Dirt 2

Released in September 2009, Dirt 2 is a PSP racing game that is the follow-up to Colin McRae: Dirt. Dirt 2 comes with various selections of racemasteries racing around the world through with eight locations. There would be a co-driver that would be deciding on the turns to take as the gamer tear through the countryside. The racer can also match up with other city based drivers in rally-sport circuits. Furthermore, Dirt 2 has a selection to upgrade your cars to boost its performance. For beginners, there is an event called the “gate crashers” wherein the gamer crashes through yellow foam blocks as fast as possible.

  1. Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Finally a video game that represents the 80’s phenomenon, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a PSP game handled by Sony Computer Entertainment and it follows the gamer’s character that is the latest recruit in Ghostbusters which is an organization of parapsychologists that chase and seize ghosts. It has components of 3rd person shooters only the character is armed with the “Proton Pack” which is utilized to trap and confine ghosts. The setting takes place around Thanksgiving in 1991, wherein the character is in training. The variety in terms of visuals and game selection are enough to keep newbies and veterans interested as the game progresses.

  1. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

A game developed by Ubisoft, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a PSP game released in May 2010. Although this game is quoted as predictable, most of the gamers especially the novice prefer a dependable and familiar storyline which is what this game offers. One of the most distinctive elements of this particular game is the intricately designed graphics of the settings and also the few witticisms.Like the first edition, part of the game involves solving several puzzles along the way; The Forgotten Sands focuses more on the adventure itself which will keep the player, both veterans and newbies, absorbed and interested with the game.

  1. God of War: Chain of Olympus

God of War: Chain of Olympus is developed by SCE Santa Monica Studios and Ready at Dawn, published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This is the 4th edition of the God of War series and the game’s setting is based on Ancient Greece and its mythology. The player’s character is a Spartan warrior named Kratos that serves the gods of Olympus. Kratos is directed by goddess Athena who instructs him to locate the Sun god named Helios because Morpheus who is the dream god caused slumber to other Olympius gods while Helios is gone. To sum it up, this sequel to God of Wars concentrates on vengeance as the main theme of the PSP game.

  1. Patapon 3

Developed by Japan Studio & Pyramid and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment, Patapon 3 is a PSP game did not make drastic changes on this edition but the main focus on this sequel is on multiplayers. Patapon 3 is demonstrated in a 2D environment that is cartoonish yet has a realistic background. The gamer has the chance to play the hero as the character is set to fight against diabolical enemies, each equipped with distinct killer skills, witticisms and even amusing moves like butt shaking. There are different scenarios that will either require you to attach, defend, march down in dungeons or play tug-of-war. Although the game can be demanding, its structure and the cinematic puts it in place as one of the top PSP games., Web Development and SEO Link Building Services…